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Friday, December 02, 2011

Welcome to our wedding website. We’ve created this site to celebrate our love for one another and for your convenience. Take part in our celebration by sending us a message and adding your own photos of our wedding day. Thanks for visiting!

I made a reservations for 11 rooms , all are different and prices are too. Need to tell me soon so I can let them know you need more rooms. They go from $86 to $150 and you are getting 10% off also for blocking many at a time. Rooms are blocked from Nov 30th to Dec 4. If you need more days they will honor the 10%. If you need to cancel, need to do so 3 days in advance.

Some rooms are one full bed, other 2 beds and a couch, there is another like a studio with a kitchen that conects with the other room beside, perfect for big family. Hotel prices are with taxes included and have a small breakfast every morning , like coffe, juice and toast. Here is the link, call me if you have any questions. Otherwise can call them directly and separate the room according to people are traveling with you.
Reservations are under my name.


MARIA &    
updated address Christine  Fellacher ~ 9/12/2011
Hello Maria I'm so embarassed I was clearing out my email and I saw this email a       Continue>>
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